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How To Write Well — Think As You Write

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chalkboard with follow the rulesThe rule of writing is not just about grammar and punctuation. It’s about saying what you choose to say by choosing to express the right thoughts in your writing. You can break every grammar rule in the book, but still, say what you mean clearly and boldly.

person writingWhen in doubt, always remember this: practice makes perfect. How you express yourself matters more than the message itself, so write often and write well. This is a golden opportunity to hone your written communication skills, so embrace it!

The door is open for response and input from everyone. I’ll be shuffling the text, making it more appropriate, editing, and adding as time goes on. The project I’m going to do is a role-play piece.

It’s a conversation between Will and a somewhat rough woman named Jo. Her actual identity of Jo is up in the air. She is my ideal woman. Guys are always drawn to a woman with a great voice.

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You want to give your guy the ability to be drawn to you, not just by your looks. Guys want to feel disquieted by a woman. They want to be able to shake off the feeling of attraction but always come back for more.

Being a little difficult or mysterious is what makes you a fascinating woman. It’s not about being difficult or mean. It’s about selecting a single word that can express the exact meaning you want – rather than combining lots of words that may not fit together.

signage learnThe rules for this are very simple. The perfect sentence finds a way to express, without any ambiguity, exactly what you mean.

Adverbs and adjectives, almost all the time, simply don’t add to the meaning; they add to the word count. You’re not adding anything, so get rid of them. Because of this, even the smallest things can become large and impactful.

It’s my belief that this is what makes a world-class speaker. The true power of the spoken word lies in the consideration behind the choice of words.

person looking over her bookThe words you choose to express yourself are often more important than what you are trying to say. It’s about the thought behind the words. The rule is that what you choose to express says more than what you use.

Basic proofreading technique. How to proofread your work and make sure it’s error-free. What to look for when you’re proofreading.

Common proofreading errors that trip everyone up and how to avoid them. How to edit your text. What do editors do during their edits, and how can you learn from them?


person shhhh!How to get a voice uniquely yours in your writing and speaking. How to write clear and engaging copy. What others say: “It’s amazing what clarity can do to help you own your message.

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