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Why Does Everyone Want This Free Product Description Template

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At any stage in your business, you’ll be asked to write a product description for your website or Amazon listing. Writing a great and effective product description requires forethought and thought about how you will write it. You can use this template as an outline for creating your product descriptions that are concise, easy to read, and highly persuasive.

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What are the Benefits of Writing a Product Description?

Product descriptions are one of the most critical aspects of your e-commerce business. People will not buy your product unless they know what it is and does. Labeling your products at the point of purchase allows them to make an informed decision. Whether or not they want to make a purchase influences many other areas of their purchase journey.

Even after making a purchase, people read product descriptions to learn more about what products they might like. Product descriptions for are unique. The narrative differs from long-form content on pages other than a personal website.

The Amazon product descriptive page is more extended. So you’re asked to include unique text compared to if your individual web page’s raving fans wanted the same descriptions.

Outline for creating your product descriptions. 

Primary features describe what your product is.

Secondary elements tell what it does. Product characteristics define how the product is helpful for specific things. Suppliers explain who they are and how they can help you.

Variations, benefits, and uses describe the product’s particular use case. I name my iterations because they are not in addition to or instead of the primary features.

Product benefit descriptions sum up the effects of the specific use case on a person. The content in the outline for creating a product description should include the keywords and phrases crucial to the product description.

  • It must surpass any competitor’s product descriptions.

You’re not allowed to use more than one CTA or to have the CTA ask someone to purchase a product if your primary benefit isn’t available yet. Be assertive and leave your competitors with no choice but to provide additional CTAs.

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How Should You Write Your Product Description?

Your customers will rely on your product descriptions to learn more about the product and how it can help them. However, they may think you’re just guessing about such important information.

You may want to take a fresh look at how you write the product description and set your content strategy free! Remember: You’ll want to add the product description of your products to your editing tool of choice, such as BaseCamp.

Make sure it’s formatted so that it is easy for people to skim and remove any confusion about the product and how it could help them. If you’re looking to try this method out in Google Ads and are pleasantly surprised, please let us know!

Write for customers, not for search engines. Of course, you don’t have to write a product description for each product you sell. You’re right if you get the impression that people only read your product descriptions for search engines.

But suppose a customer at a party asks you a question, and your product description answers that question for her. In that case, you’ll have won her over — and probably users of Google and other search engines, too, as Google Now becomes increasingly crucial for companies that sell online.

Don’t make decisions based on how search engines are writing your descriptions. And why? Because searches don’t happen for your products necessarily (or at all!). They happen because people say that something is a good product. Tell customers that you sell good quality products.

Sell them what they’re looking for! And if they search for your products, ensure that the information they get matches what you probably just wrote in your product description!

Spot-check the copy the content you write needs to make sense and is clear to somebody who isn’t you. The more you can spot-check your document, the better.

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How Can You Make Your Product Description More Effective?

Your product descriptions are one of the essential parts of your marketing strategy. Learn how to make your product descriptions more effective with this step-by-step guide: 

  •  First, you need to understand your customers.
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are they looking for?

Next, determine what’s essential to your customer. What are the things their customer would expect to see, where they should look, and when they should expect it?

Finally, consider customer feedback. Is the information given in the description exactly what a customer would expect? Or is it the complete opposite? Ask and answer these questions, and you will be well on your way.


First, it is essential to understand why your customers are searching for your products. These can be cold, logical reasons: “I’m looking for a watch that’s easy to read” or “I’m looking to establish trusted reputation within my network.”

Lame excuses like “I don’t really need an ipad” or “people usually search for generic terms” do not hold water. Your product description should reflect the honest searcher’s intent, prompting them to take action and indicate a positive interest in your goods or services.

Suppose someone’s searching for a particular feature. In that case, it will either come naturally (the athlete’s flip-flops) or seem inconsequential (the kid who needs to borrow a computer). Secondly, you should make sure your product description has loads of keywords.

Using keywords in a copy of your product description will help indicate to Google the relevancy of the content. More interesting, relevant content tends to perform better in Google search results.

Also, by including a subject’s name in the product description, you give your readers more insight into what you’re writing about. “Purchase an Element Pants® Men’s High Tops® Size 7 Men’s Pants Black” is more compelling than “Buy Product Description Men’s Size 7 Men’s Pants Black” or “Men’s Pants Size 7.” Insert keywords where they make sense.

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What is the Optimal Length for a Product Description?

The optimal number of words for product descriptions is between 200-300 words. Too short and people won’t get a good grasp of the product and its benefits; too long, people will lose interest and not bother reading it.

Keyword-rich product descriptions There is a much higher conversion rate for featured snippets — up to 90% — when you have a practical and descriptive product description.

Run the Keyword Research for the product: Google has a search feature called “Show questions and answer them,” A query is shown related to a Google product.

In the below example, after typing in “itunes digital assistant,” Google shows the same SERPs with a SERP that includes year on year and the total number of impressions:

Include keywords in your product description in up to three lines and ensure each keyphrase has a matching landing page. You’re more likely to rank well for your product group, improve conversion and user happiness, and improve your overall rankings on Google.

At the very least, search backward, for example:

If you’re selling a product in the same category and your product is still out of stock when you search backward. You’ve added 7% CTR to your conversion.

Combining the keyword for the month (the last impression, for example) with the keyword for the year and the total number of impressions is the most effective.

Find inspiration in your industry and competitors: From a user perspective, focus on showing up in the SERPs of popular monthly online product magazines like PC World, CNET, Wired, and LifeHacker.

You already have an audience to base your product description on. This means you don’t need to go out of your way to get featured in these magazines. Find potential topics for your product for inspiration from your audience and competitors.

How can you include SEO keywords in your product descriptions?

To get your product descriptions to rank higher in the search results, include your keywords in your product descriptions. You can do this by using the keyword in your title and your report.

  • You should include the keyword at the beginning and end in your identification.
  • In your product description, you should use it naturally and not forcefully.
  • In the report, you should use the keyword frequently in your sentences.

Necessary: Make sure you include all keywords for the most comprehensive list possible to give Google maximum data about what your product does.

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How To Write Compelling Product Description

Before filling out this template, I want to tell you about many great resources you can do to help.  

  • Take a look at these:
  • How to write a great blog post –
  • Hubspot, if you need help writing a fantastic elevator pitch –
  • Boston Globe The 14 marketing secrets you need to know – Marketing Sherpa.

Pro-tip #1: Manage your expectations. Every time I draft a product description, I’m aware that I’m writing for busy people who don’t always check their e-mails and might forget what day it is or how many days in a week it’s Thursday.

You must do your best to write an enticing and persuasive description that will catch your readers’ attention for the most important search engines, like Google. I will lose potential customers if I overstate my product description’s usefulness.

Pro-tip #2: Format your chapter “The software that powers Amazon and various other online businesses” and places a lot of trust and importance on where your content falls in the overall hierarchy of your business.

Organizing your chapters to grab your reader’s attention and keep them focused on your main objective is vital for making your product descriptions easier to read and for SEO (when Google sees your title tag and your primary keyword phrase at the top of your page).

The best content marketing in history is about to begin. 


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