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Advice About Interesting Sentence Starters

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Creating interesting sentence starters with the right words will deliver the tone you want to present to your audience. The wrong words will do the opposite. That’s why it can be helpful to learn sentence starters that make you sound intelligent. To help, we’ve created this list of exciting sentence starters. Try these sentence starters if you’re struggling to find the right words to start your sentence.

“Have you ever…”

“Have you ever wondered if…”

“Have you ever noticed how…”

“Have you ever really looked…”

“I wonder how…”

“If you…”

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How to Prove You Know Something via Copious Citation of Sources

Citation is a word that is thrown around the internet a lot nowadays. I can touch on this subject a little because I’m guilty of it myself.

But even still, there are specific fields or topics where you need to cite external sources you find on the web about yourself or your company.

The types of citations I’m talking about are website citations and department citations. A website citation to an independent, third-party site about your notable life events.

It can be a powerful way to prove you were in the area when something significant occurred in your past. For example, suppose I mentioned I was in the World Series last week.

In that case, I can point to a news outlet about my memorable experience. This will show me I was in the city when the ballgame occurred.

If done well and done often, citation building can get the ballpark coverage you need to be an essential authority in your field.

A citation from authorities usually shows people who know you and have seen you. Your recent interaction with them that you are a bright and not some random hipster is looking for a cause.

Citation building also links back to your website. Thanks to citations, even your competitors that don’t have as much authority can start showing up in the results because they know you’ve got a footprint.

Citation building is a numbers game. It applies equally well in the local SEO space as on the national or international level.

Grammarly Writing Support

Sentence Starters are a Great Way to Improve Vocabulary.

They are also a great way to make you sound more intelligent in conversations.

When starting a conversation, it is vital to make your tone of voice match your values.

A happy, reassuring tone of voice should work here. There are three ways to do this:

Using an established sentence format.

Using a fictional example. A sentence format that looks easier but more complex will sometimes sound more confident and competent.

copy Smith

Using a real example. 

To make your illustration more believable, you can either look up the definition or a similar version in a dictionary. This type of example works best when you explain something over the phone or use video instead of talking on the phone.

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Sentence Starters with a Sense of Humor

If you like being funny, this is a perfect place to start. Often witty humor can help middle-aged, senior citizens seem more cultured, educated, and inconsistent, especially younger adults.

This is a perfect topic for a topic sentence.


If you wanted to scare someone, what would you say?

Subject + Prepositional Phrase


A visually amused face is a scary face.

If you want to scare someone, try to illustrate through words that you are flying through space at warp speed.

Verb + Adverbial Phrase


A good time to clean a clock is when it is entirely free of hands.

Adjacent Comparatives


If I only had to select two colors for an undershirt, I’d choose black and white.

Adjacent Combinations


Maggie could never believe how comfortable my pants were.

Comparative + Prepositional Phrase


Hey, Bobby, I want to visit the Museum of Natural History tonight.

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