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5 Useful Tips From Experts For Powerful Sentence Starters

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Creating powerful sentence starters for your company’s blog is a great way to boost its online presence. But only if you can write compelling blog posts that engage your readers. Moreover, keeping them returning for more and ultimately converting them into customers.

5 Powerful Sentence Starters

You need a new approach if you struggle to develop exciting blog post ideas or write a blog post that keeps your audience’s attention. Read this article for helpful tips on improving the quality of your posts.

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There are many ways to write a compelling blog post. The first step is to start with a suitable title.

The first step to writing a great blog post is to start with a great title. You want to arouse the interest of your audience who want to read more. A great way to do this is by asking a question. Questions are very compelling because people are inherently curious.

They’re often subconsciously aware that they’re asking a question. Writing a question is one of the best ways to hook your readers’ attention. Likewise, the length of the title is critical as it will determine the number of words your post will include.


Choose a question that stimulates the readers’ interest and includes two to three keywords in each sentence. When composing your post, do as much research into the topic as possible.

For example, when I researched the topic “What makes a good infographic,” I read numerous blogs by others who created great infographics. Knowing what other people have created won’t only help you curate content for your blog and provide ideas for your topic.

After months of reading, I’ve compiled a shortlist of things that helped me write successful blog posts: – Stop and think before writing. Future blog posts are written when we’re very excited, and it’s not uncommon to forget to stop and think.

 Studies and Critical Thinking

Studies have found that thinking is critical for writing content that readers will read. – Write something. As no one wants to read three thousand words, you don’t need to create 3,000 words of high-quality content.


Julie Joyce created a visual and straightforward checklist as a guide to promoting and marketing her blog.

It included the following:

Write something five times. – Refine, improve, repeat.

It would be best to keep improving your post as its popularity slowly climbs.

If you don’t post often, your post will likely fade into obscurity, and many people (including me) have read thousands of posts before. – Use a credible source.

Use humor or shocking statistics to get your reader’s attention (but don’t overdo it).

The possibility of ranking highly, attracting brand loyalty, and building a website that will help convert visitors into paying customers is growing dramatically.

But how can you achieve this when you’re struggling to find an answer to increasing the number of blog posts you have to write? Well, it’s time to start thinking about this.


Build Powerful Sentence Starters Framework

The best place to start is a framework for generating the right blog ideas. A framework is a clear plan that answers a specific need, typically consisting of questions. We can apply this framework to blogging for six significant benefits:

Increase in the number of blog posts

  • Brand loyalty
  • Increase in customers
  • Increased sales
  • Increased network effect

By themselves, each of these benefits provides loads of potential for blogging. However, when we put it all together, the cumulative effect of these six benefits is massive. Out of the top ten websites globally, only four listed their blogging strategy on their website’s homepage.

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Blogger’s Strategy

The likelihood of someone visiting a second website from which a blogger has been externally linked (i.e., ranking for that brand name) is only a third of that for a website ranking as highly as Forbes with its 2011 “best blogs” list

39% of the top ten websites‘ blogging strategies “only target a specific niche audience.

Add an image to your post, but make sure it’s relevant and high-quality. One of the most important things to remember when writing a blog post is to add an image to your post. A picture can help break up the text on your page and add visuals for your readers to engage with.

To add an image to your blog post, upload it to a site like or Once your image has been uploaded, you can embed the photo inside your blog post.

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To ensure that your blog post is easily visible to all the readers, you can include keywords in the alt text.

For example, below is my blog post:

Photoshop Naked – 6 Illustrations to Inspire You to Spend More Time Crawling and Chasing At The Body.

As you can see, I posted an image of a woman crawling on the beach with the keywords “photo finish” and “body wrap.” This image has 22 links back to the blog post and a meta description of the website image that talks about the picture.


This is a pretty strong portfolio piece but a great way to get people to return to the blog. Below is the same image with the alt text “photo finish inspiration” and “pics of packing and shipping!”

These two different overlays make it difficult for readers to browse through the blog posts, but they also send very different audiences to the blog post.

Although it would be nice to get both clicks, 50% go to the “photo finish inspiration” page. As you can see, I had no problem getting people to read the blog post without using the “photo finish” keyword.

My report shows that 94 people read the blog post, and the click-through to the image was over 24,000! If you want to take this further, you can get 200,000 additional visitors to your website with this tactic.

However, you’ll still have to use the keyword in your image’s alt text to increase your audience and conversions.

Grammarly Writing Support

Break up text with subheadings and bullet points, but only if they’re relevant and exciting for your readers.

Bullet points can make your content easier to read and more fun. They’re the quickest way to display a list of facts. If you have a long paragraph of text, it’s good to break it up with subheadings and bullet points.

Do this only if they’re relevant and exciting for your readers. Remember, it’s better to write an article halfway across the internet than a mediocre blog post that benefitted from a few extra editing paragraphs.

Here are some examples: Avoid multiple paragraphs; just a one-sentence section is good enough. Bullet points are great for content that guides someone down a specific path.

They’re helpful for readers who only see one or two paragraphs of content. Save paragraph formatting for the end of your article to make your bullet points stand out.

  • Include keywords in your bullet points to increase your chances of them ranking for your targeted keyword(s), e.g. [tips to maximize your success rate] 
  • Include the keyword(s) you want to rank for (but don’t repeat them on the page too much as your main keyword is essential; see below). 

When writing your first blog post, limit each bullet point to one sentence. This saves space for essential keywords and makes your copy easier to read length-wise.

Adding your headline and introducing your main keyword usually go hand-in-hand. Use the keywords that close your main keyword, e.g., [create a 10x content marketing strategy].

Bullet points are easy for readers to skim and read and are mostly short. This means that they usually get the majority of your attention.

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Make sure your bullet points are unique (don’t repeat your primary keyword five or more times), specific, helpful, and enjoyable. Add your location in the sentence.

A bullet point without a location isn’t as helpful as one with a place. You should always include location information.

Include links to third-party resources (including references), showing your readers that you’re reputable.

Blogging isn’t vlogging or following social media pages. Blogging is discussing something that matters to your readers.

Writing compelling copy can be challenging. From tone to grammar, there are many things to take into account.

This article shares tips for writing clear copy that engages readers. Moreover, below are the tools that helped create this article.

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