How Spooky Sentence Starters Earn Treats

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It’s Halloween time, and if you’re looking for some horror sentence starters, look no further.  We’ve compiled 18 of the most frightening, bloodcurdling sentence starters that will set your story on the right track to terrorizing your audience. Give them a try in your next piece of fiction!

cup of coffee

I was just sitting down to my morning cup of coffee when I heard the scream. I was just sitting down to my morning cup of coffee when I heard the scream. I looked out the window and saw my neighbor, Jacob, running around his yard, screaming at the top of his lungs.

He was jumping up and down and waving his arms. I was so frightened I ran to the basement, locked myself in, and called the police. Why would this neighbor want to scare me? I had no idea. “It was only me, Ma’am. Only me.”My entire family was in the kitchen when the neighbor called the cops. I couldn’t believe it. I was afraid that Jacob was hopped up on drugs and/or whatever.


I immediately knew I had to call the cops and tell them everything. The police said I could go outside if I really wanted to—but, of course, I didn’t. You hear something like this on the news and in the movies. “It was only me, Ma’am. Only me.”

But it’s not only you. It’s every person in your chain of command that you work with. And like any good cop, you need to insist that it was not you. Yes, even the guy who died in the parking garage of his own home. I can hear it in his voice now: “It was only me, Ma’am. Only me.”

Let me ask you this?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “That damn psychopath over there beat the crap out of that other guy even though he had no business doing it”?

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely proved that all too often. When we see people behaving in ways that aren’t in their nature (in this case, beating a helpless man), we ascribe the behavior to them rather than seeing it as the product of their environment and/or personal character flaws.


Even if the behavior is deeply rooted, for the sake of this argument, make sure you don’t bank everything on it being ingrained behavior.

You’d think that all the screaming would have gone on for a while, but that wasn’t the case.

Like most things in life, creating your own scary story can be tricky, especially once you start writing it.

Help ease the pain, then, by enlisting these expert-approved, sentence-stopping horror sentence types. Walk down the scary writing path together.

“The police found the body of a woman in her apartment. Traumatic wounds on her head and body indicated she had been dead for a very long time.”

This is a true story—it just happened to us. Please read it and learn from it right now!

“A tub filled with the remains of a murdered toddler floated down the river. Suspicion instantly pointed to Kyle.

But there was only one problem: Kyle didn’t know for sure that the body was his…”

How Spooky Sentence Starters Can Earn You Treats

Yes, this is actual news.

Read the full story on the tragic death of thy name (Kyle?), and try out these alternate titles (nope, not confirmed):

“Suspect Found in late Townhome Filthy Towel Killing LINKED to Brooklyn Shootings.”

“Found Body of Brooklyn Boy Shaped Identical to Rapist Branded asSerial Killer.”

“Possible Rapist Found Dead in Brooklyn Home He Could Have Led to His Capture!”

“Murder Mystery Surrounding Serial Killer Feels Terrifying.”

“…we will push through and lay the smack down for the man pumping oxygen into the faces of his dog and mothering her phantom. Mystery solved.”

A guy charged with attacking his neighbor’s dog and then mauling his own grandfather is now in cuffs.

“There was a dead body hanging from a noose in the corner.”

This is true—it happened to us. And it was a doozy. What happened next will probably make you want to hurl.

The screams were terrifying, and I knew that it couldn’t be good for me to be in the house alone with them going on, but what could I do?

I was afraid of them and tried to stay out of their way as much as I could.

scary Halloween

Experiment 1: 

“Halloween is just the time of year when all the free candy is taken away from children.”

Experiment 2: 

“It’s just like Halloween when all the shoes are bare, and the houses are decorated with pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns.”

Experiment 3: 

“Halloween is the time of year when the ghosts come out to play.”

Experiment 4: 

“Halloween is the time of the year when everyone gathers around the house to watch scary movies.”

Experiment 5: 

“When you step on that tofu, it stings – it’s so sharp it cuts your foot clean off.”

Experiment 6: 

“Halloween is the time of year when the neighbors have as much problem as you do.”

Experiment 7: 

“You wouldn’t believe the things that happen on Halloween.”

Experiment 8: 

“Halloween, just don’t stay out past midnight, and you’ll be safe.”

Experiment 9:

“Don’t speak to anyone on Halloween. It sends the wrong message!”

Experiment 10: 

“Something is going on in the neighborhood, it might be bad, but you’ll have to see it to believe it.”

Experiment 11: 

“It’s the time of year when babysitting offers free candy.”

Experiment 12:

Don’t run off out of your Halloween clothes on Halloween – the clothes come untucked on Halloween.”

Experiment 13:

“Tricks and treats were abounding during Halloween.”

Visage 14:

“The children were somewhat apprehensive.”

Visage 15:

 “Those fears are understandable – everyone gets scared by the season.”

Visage 16: 

“Halloween is Halloween. or maybe it’s just the day after Halloween.

This is when we feed on your Halloween candy by trick-or-treating.

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