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How To Write With Passion

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If you want to write with passion, here’s a secret: It’s the same key ingredient that drives success for all great writers. Want to write with passion? You must love the craft of writing and be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to learn how to do it well. And that means reading widely, writing constantly, and challenging yourself every day.

How To Write With Passion

Writing is often a solitary activity. It’s something you do in the quiet of your room or office, with only your thoughts and the keyboard for companionship. But writing doesn’t have to be just about writing. You can make it an exciting adventure by learning how to write with passion — and there are so many ways you can do this! For tips on how you too can become a masterful writer, see below.

Learn how to write with passion by focusing on the right things. Passion is the key to writing engaging content on your blog. It’s important to know what you want to write about and why you want to write about it. Make sure the content you share on your blog is something you’re passionate about and that you believe in. It shouldn’t just be for conversion, either.

These tips will reinforce your writing so it’s more compelling and inspiring. 


Content Tips

Write EXACTLY the way you speak. People are more likely to remember something they recognize, what they see, and what they hear. I see a frequent mistake when people read something they think is correct but isn’t.

If you don’t have a degree in English, the best way to learn the language is to practice, and that’s what you want to do when creating content online. Try to write as you speak. When I’m in a room with someone, I do a background check on a potential client. I often turn on their computer and look at the browser window to better understand what they see.

You will not only show off your expertise, but you’ll get better at writing by writing exactly how you speak. You’ll also learn to focus on more critical words when writing longer-form articles, like blog posts. Start with this Moz article that contains 24 tips on perfect writing.

Don’t overuse “I.” “I” is a filler word. It loses meaning very quickly, and it doesn’t look significant. When you use “I” a lot, it’s elementary to sound repetitive.

However, make sure every time you use the word, it adds something. 

  • People will notice — and want more information from you! 
  • If you use “I” many times in your blog, make each instance count. 
  • Write between each instance with a question in mind. 

For example, “For those of you looking for that list…

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Take Advantage Of What You Know (and love)

Maybe you do all the writing yourself but still keep in touch with your clients (or, in our case, clients’ parents). In that case, this list of motivational writing tips for you might be enjoyable!

understanding sign

 Write For Someone Who Is Parting.

It’ll be great if your readers feel understood, which is difficult when a reader loses someone close to them if you’re writing for yourself. What are some ways you can honor that loss and make your writing more meaningful?

It might sound morbid, but there’s something meditative about imagining your loved ones surrounding you. By unselfishly writing for yourself, you consider how that loss affects others. Likely, you’d focus on what you can do to prevent that loss, but you don’t have enough time to think through all the options.

Writing non-fiction books, like novels, gives you time to address whatever you might write about personally — something you can comfortably do without feeling self-conscious.  If you write for someone dying, make sure they know their loved one survived (and is still breathing). Or call them a hero, an angel, a light in the darkness … whatever they’re called. You’re writing as if your loved one is still alive (and that they can still support you during this challenging time).

writing a book

Write As If You Weren’t Writing For A Book.

People struggle with criticism because they get too focused on what the writer is saying. We’re usually more attuned to their unfavorable reviews than our favorite ones as readers. Our natural defensiveness makes us cautious rather than empathetic.


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Can I be a writer?


It’s Time To Find Out!

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Writing That Engages The Reader


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Writing Without Plagiarism.


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  1. I go into writing, and I am finding out many new things. As you talk about in the article, Grammarly is a must I have used for a few years now. It makes my work unique to my writing. Thanks for the help; this is going to help me for sure. 

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  2. I am thrilled to have read this text because it will help me a lot in my new beginnings. When I started blogging, it was hard for me, but I learned good writing techniques with the help of good advice. You have to love that job and write with passion.

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