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How to Enhance Your Writing Skills

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Writing skills are crucial in your blog posts, social media posts, web content, copywriting, business plans, and speeches.

Most of us who regularly write online are aware of this fact. I had no idea personally, and learning to write blog posts for my business was my first genuine attempt at writing professionally.

The simple thing that beginners can grasp is that everything in a blog post or content piece needs to be written like someone has agreed to read before publishing it.

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 Writing Skills Further Compelling Blog Posts

What makes this blog post different from the other blog posts online? Some things I have learned about writing will help you become a better writer.

Engaging ideas I have learned about communicating online will help you level up your content.

Let’s get started… Introducing the Beginner’s Guide to Writing Blog Posts What to write Aim for conciseness.

Write with the flow. No words mean anything (except for terms like ‘Everybody,’ ‘Everyone, everybody!’ or ‘I love you.’), but unlike the word, it has meaning.

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You are writing with your target audience in mind. 

These are the posts that I analyze daily. While I work on them. The format I chose is an HTML or DOC writing style.

Use some font. I have found that using my built-in font and Acrobat’s Font Preview helps.

Keep your writing consistent—type with typos, double-stopped sentences, etc. If the post has a table of contents, include one.

Include comments with detailed explanations or calls to action.

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Include links within the post. 

Pay attention to spacing and punctuation. Make sure that what you have put together is coherent.

Avoid hickeys. As a nice side note, you should use it in most cases to avoid using semicolons.

Pause, arrows, and pipe symbols are your friends when you want to emphasize areas of your post.

The reason is that it will make the scratch created by your writer’s stylus look cleaner (whereas the semicolon creates an extra disruption when starting from scratch).

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Writing Structure

Present a post picture (a paragraph is a minimum required). Use common words. It still applies.

Too many words make your writing sound uneducated. (Remember your audience, this means your grandma).

Even if you don’t use the Internet to write, you use it to communicate. That means understanding the basic principles of writing — such as grammar, syntax, copywriting, vocabulary, etc.

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When you’re writing, you’re sharing information with others. In other words, writing is the glue for building and maintaining a community.

If you want your writing to go far and wide and be seen as a reasonable effort (instead of just a long read), you must come up with ideas that grab the reader’s attention.

What does that look like? Every writer should have a healthy combination of Seductive hooks, Powerful information Emotional writing.

These hooks allow an idea to hook the reader into wanting to learn more from that piece. The information in the content can answer questions a reader has about that subject.

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Then, the content must have an emotional impact to be exciting and compelling.

That emotion hinges on accurately describing the writer or topic, understanding the challenges faced, proving a point, or showing real and/or humorous tough love.

I encountered a sentence in a blog post I read once that I wrote back then.

“There is a time to make your bed and a time to get off your backside.” I had read the sentence many times but was unsure if it was good or bad.

I thought about it, examined it in the corner of my mind (probably for days, if not weeks), and then realized what I had just said.

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Writing is challenging

Because of the editor’s eyeballs on your paper, you rarely have a fair chance to make your content shine, and the slightest error will ruin it.

For this reason, find ways to bring your writing to life and then try out your rough draft for the first time. Push it around, use it as reference material, and revise. Never relax or get bored.

Here are some examples of enticing hooks.

(1) Hook

#1: Find your Hook. The first hook you need to define to have all five attractive angles is to look at the beginning of your post.

Suppose you have a brief headline; if you’re publishing content to a blog for an audience, for advertising, then best to record something like Great news! There is news that will blow your mind!

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You’ll figure out how to invest. If your hook is shorter than two strong bullets, this won’t work either, and your readers won’t get all of your enticing offerings.

(2) Hook

#2: Inspire, prompt, and show. Each hook has to prompt someone to do something or show them something.

The hook that creates the action or event is the hook that you want the reader to take. Here’s yours! You will find the tools that I use on this website. Go ahead and check them out. They are shared to benefit all your writing pursuits.

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