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The Simple Solution Is To Make A Blogging Strategy

The Simple Solution Is To Make A Blogging StrategyBlogging is so vital to growing your business. It’s an essential part of the overall content marketing strategy. It has been proven to increase website SEO visibility, drive business innovation, and boost sales.

But how do you find time to blog as a small business owner? And how do you continue to be an expert in your industry and keep up with the latest breaking news without overburdening yourself? First things first – prioritize posting.

stop watchSet aside 30 minutes each week specifically for content creation. This can be broken up into chunks throughout the day or all together at once. It doesn’t matter when you choose as long as you record your sessions — they don’t even have to be consecutive.

Once you’ve settled into a routine, you can increase your blog post frequency by 15 minutes to an hour each week until you post at least 3-5 times per week. As a small business owner, you should take less time to create long-form blog posts.

Blogging can be highly effective.

sales windowBut the truth is blogging can be highly effective for a small business owner. Here are some of the most important benefits of blogging for small business owners: Your business can get more exposure.

On average, each blog post you publish will get at least one social media share. Think of all the people you can reach when thousands of people share and view your blog posts. Writing blog posts are a great way to share your expertise.

By sharing your knowledge and expertise with your audience, they can benefit from your expertise without having to pay you for it. Create an authority blog in your niche and share your knowledge.

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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your blogging:

  • Write short, catchy titles.
  • Write exciting and engaging content.
  • Write fresh content.
  • Post on a regular schedule.
  • Use an RSS feed to allow people to subscribe to your blog.
  • Encourage comments and interact with your readers. When you create an authority blog in your niche, people will want to reach out to you and collaborate with you.

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social influencerAn authority blog is where you share your knowledge on a particular subject and get traffic from it. The best way to ensure that your content engages your audience is to make sure it’s fresh and exciting.

 When you start writing, ask yourself how the topic will be new or different when they read it. Why should they care? How can you make what you’re writing more interesting?

By getting excited about your next blog post, you’ll share that excitement with the reader because of how enthusiastic and passionate you are about the topic. What are your tips for crafting a blog post that readers can’t stop reading? Let us know in the comments!

white boardSuppose people see that you’re reading and interacting with their comments. In that case, they’ll be more inclined to comment on your blog because they realize you actually care. Remember to thank your readers.

shaking handsAnother important tip I follow is to thank my readers whenever I can. I’m not talking about a “thank you for reading my blog, your support is appreciated” type of comment at the bottom of the page.

Write more blog posts. It’s no surprise that you’re more likely to get more comments on a blog post that has yet to be posted in the last 12 months compared to one with three comments in the previous hour.

It shows that you care about your content and that you aren’t just trying to push out as much as quickly as possible. It also indicates that others are interested in it also.


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