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7 Good Paragraph Starters for Every Writer

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Writing a good paragraph is like getting a solid beginning to a race — it gets you going and keeps the momentum moving. But selecting good paragraph starters can be difficult. Here are seven examples of powerful paragraph starters that will give you a great start on your next writing project.


When I was a child… This paragraph starter is a great way to start any essay as it gives you a chance to talk about your childhood and the experiences that have made you who you are. It’s important to note that you can discuss your childhood in general terms. Or get more specific and talk about one or two experiences that made a lasting impression on you.

Good Paragraph Starters for Every Writer

Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is your road map to your paper. It tells you exactly where and how you plan to get there. It tells the reader about the article and why it is essential. Try starting your paragraphs with your thesis statement and then expand with supporting details, as in the following example:


Like other predictions, predictions about the future of technology are often inaccurate.

 Good Paragraph Starters for Every Writer


[1] “I believe that…”

[2] “The thing I love best about…”

[3] “I’ve always wondered…”

[4] “When I was a child, my favorite thing to do was…”

[5] “I once saw…”

[6] “I think it’s important that…”

[7] “I’m going to tell you a story about…”

Writing a winning essay takes a certain amount of planning.


The Question

The power of the question is that it makes the reader stop and think. It is excellent when you address a highly controversial issue because it forces the reader to think about all sides of the problem. It’s also a perfect way to prod the reader to continue reading the rest of the paper. Whether you present a question as rhetorical or answer it, you will likely capture and hold your readers’ attention.

Rhetorical questions are also very effective in personality profiles. If you’re writing about a celebrity who has made headlines for his choice to divorce wife number five, you could ask, “What do you think of his decision to divorce?” You could then explain the decision in a way that reinforces your personal feelings about the situation.


Before you use rhetorical questions, remember that they will work only if you answer them.

· Narrative: The best papers always inject a little story or narrative into the piece. This is an excellent way to keep the reader interested and use the narrative to get the reader to stop and think about what you are saying.

· Keywords and concepts: Keywords are another way to keep the reader’s attention. Keywords and phrases should be used as a tool to make sure the reader understands the point you are trying to make. Learn more

There are certain types of questions that are implied in what you write. A pointed question is one that the reader is left to answer rather than asked to respond. You involve your readers in your writing process by allowing them to answer a question. After writing your paper, you must read it aloud. This will help you identify places where you have implied questions.

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Read your paper aloud to identify places where you have implied questions.

The #1 Writing Tool

Examples of Effective Questioning

What do you think of when you hear the word “community?” Do you associate the word with being a part of the community? If you do not, you might live in the wrong community.

This is a strong opening statement because it is a question and a fact. The sentence is also written in an active voice but is not too wordy or confusing. The structure is simple and familiar; it is not a quotation from an outside source.

This is a complicated and heated topic because many choose one side of the argument, not necessarily because they believe in the issue. First, I would ask whether or not the topic is a good choice, and then I would move into the dangers of either side.


The sentence also contains a couple of transitional words to make it seem like the author is telling a story and not just spewing out many facts. A good writer will never spew out facts.

I want to explain why the Voting Rights Act is so important. In the years following the Civil War, the United States was still attempting to rebuild its infrastructure and provide every American with their fundamental rights.

This sentence will help people stay focused on the idea of community because it tells a story.


It will also help people begin thinking differently about the word community. The story will give them a few clues, and they will start to think of ways to apply it to their own life. They will be more open to the rest of the speech.

You will also want to use this format to begin the speech. It is short, and it gets to the point quickly.

The following example consists of a question that is also a fact. The fact comes before the inquiry. The subject of the sentence is “policing.”


Policing is a Public Safety Issue.

The words are powerful in an active voice, conveying a strong point of view. They are not neutral or objective. This is an opinion and an important one at that. It is clearly stated, and it is pretty provocative.

This statement does not serve to make people blindly trust the police. Still, it does affirm their importance to our community. It is an important message in the battle for hearts and minds about law enforcement’s place in our community.

This is an important message to the public, especially after last year’s protests.

Police serve as bridges between diverse communities. It’s not a “statement of fact.”

It’s a fact that police are there to keep us safe and enforce our laws. Therefore the nation must spend more on police. It is also very short and uses short words to make a point.

chalkboard with follow the rules

Some people think this is the first rule of writing, but it is the second. The first, most important rule is to be clear about your point of view. In an opinion, this means stating the point of view in a headline. That way, your point of view is clear from the beginning. Why are you writing if you don’t have a point of view?

The word “is a” is very important. “Is a” is a predicate nominative, describing what the police do. “Crime prevention” is a verb phrase. This is a police action. The words “is a” are repeated in the following line. The meaning is expanded with the phrase “a public safety issue.” Crime prevention is now a particular kind of public safety issue. Better to have it stated upfront and then discuss the reasons for it.

copy Smith


In the end, of course, all these thoughts are my opinion. But that’s a good thing. Police agencies should encourage debate and discussion.

That’s how you get to the best practices, the solutions that work best. Police agencies should not hide behind a veil of bureaucratic neutrality, hoping someone else will publicly address the issues. Learn More

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