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Top 5 Good Introduction Paragraph Examples

How to write a good introduction paragraph is one of the most challenging parts of the essay. You only have a limited time to grab your reader’s attention and make sure they want to keep reading. If asked to write an essay on any of the above topics, you will find helpful advice here.

Top 5 Good Introduction Paragraph Examples

How to Write a Good Introduction:

A good introduction establishes your topic and gives the reader a preview of why your issue is essential. For Example, discussing a poem is a great way to write a reaction essay.

How to Write an Essay, Step-by-Step

The following parts of the essay are essential: draft, introduction paragraph, paragraphing, body paragraphs, conclusion paragraph, final draft, editing.

Outline Your Essay Before

Outline Your Essay Before you write your essay, you need to outline it. The outline is a map that shows you where you’re going. It helps you avoid going off on a tangent and wasting time on topics that don’t belong in the essay.

An excellent way to think about writing a good introduction is to imagine that you are meeting someone new and want them to like you. You would want to make an excellent first impression. What would that look like?

You might want to smile at the person, shake their hand, be polite, and build on their interest in you. It can be an excellent way to approach how to write a good introduction. In this essay, you essentially are trying to do the same thing.

Creative Writing Techniques

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Writing the Introduction Paragraph Learn More

How to write an essay introduction paragraph example, This is the first paragraph of … This one-sentence statement is called an “outline” or “straw man.

How To Write A Conclusion Paragraph

How to Write a Good Conclusion Paragraph

Prewriting is a crucial part of the writing process, but it is almost invisible and usually done unconsciously or subconsciously. Prewriting is when you figure out and organize your ideas.

For Example, “I’ve now made the case that in today’s world, public education is the best way to ensure that children of all socioeconomic backgrounds have the same opportunities. Begin with the strongest argument, usually the explanation of the problem. For Example, “In recent years, many parents have been upset with the public school system because they believe it isn’t doing an excellent job of educating.

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Begin with the most surprising or challenging information. The thesis statement should summarize the essay’s main idea; you will use the thesis statement in the introduction and the body paragraphs to support your argument. Choose a general topic or question, and then narrow it down. You could have a general question. You might have a specific question.

Then, list the points you will cover in the essay. These should be the points you will support and explain throughout the body paragraphs. Write five to seven supporting sentences. These are the details of your thesis statement. Each of them should build off the last.


Write five to seven transition words. These words help the reader follow your paragraphs. They indicate that one idea is related to the previous idea. For Example, writers can use words like “first,” “second,” or “finally” to help the reader follow the thoughts.

Explain how your essay answers or supports the thesis. When writing your essay, use three to five sentences to describe the argument entirely. This is a complete paragraph with a topic sentence and at least three supporting details sentences.

You can also include a transitional sentence to show how the argument connects to your thesis. In the first body paragraph, summarize the reasons supporting your opinion in three to five sentences.

When it comes to writing the conclusion, the main things you have to do are summarize your main points and make it clear that the essay is coming to an end.

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Writers should write a conclusion paragraph in the following order:

  1. Use the following structure to create a practical and robust introduction.
  2. Begin with a hook, which is a question that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them want to keep reading.
  3. End with a thesis statement, a one-sentence summary of the essay’s main point.

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