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How to Improve Writing Simply By Reading More

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booksIf you want to improve your writing, one of the best things you can do is read more. You’ll better understand how writing works by reading widely and engaging with different texts. And what makes good writing. This will, in turn, help you to write more effectively yourself. So if you’re looking to sharpen your writing skills, make sure to read as much as possible!

Reading helps improve writing skills,

open bookby expanding my understanding of how writing works and what makes good writing. The more you read, the better your grasp of writing mechanics will be. Additionally, reading exposes you to different writing styles and other ways to convey meaning through language.

As you encounter new words and turns of phrases, you’ll naturally start incorporating them into your own vocabulary and style. Over time, this will make your written communication more affluent. And more nuanced. So if you’re looking to improve your command of the language or want to become a better writer overall, start reading!

When reading,

person workingpay attention to the elements that make the piece effective or ineffective. People are indeed reading more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they’re reading any better.

In fact, with all of the distractions in our lives nowadays, it’s harder than ever to really pay attention to what we’re reading and comprehend it fully. That’s why, if you want to improve your writing skills, it’s essential to focus on using language effectively and choosing words that will accurately convey your meaning.

Choose a variety of reading to read to get a well-rounded understanding.

information sheetsA writer can only be as good as the information they take in. When it comes to improving your writing, diversifying the types of texts you read is critical to gaining a well-rounded understanding of language usage and composition norms.

Reading everything from classic novels to technical manuals exposes you to new vocabulary words, sentence structures, and modes of expression. Over time, this will make your own writing more sophisticated and effective.

person readingPeople are reading more and more these days, but not necessarily better. Improve your writing by using words that accurately convey meaning and mastering the language. As a bonus, following these rules will make you sound like a genius.

 1. Write Like You Talk – The only way to write like you talk is to write like you speak. While grammar is important, it can’t stand in the form of being clear and compelling. Don’t use two words when one will do.

Use only five words when one will do just fine. Only use three when two will do. And so on. Know your audience. Talk to them like you’d talk to a friend.

Show them you care about them. That’s the only way you can convey that you understand their problems and can help them solve them.

2. Avoid Buzzwords – Buzzwords are just empty words that no one wants to hear. They add nothing of value to a conversation. And will make people numb to what you’re saying.

checklistThey have no place in business writing. On the other hand, buzzwords can be a valuable tool – when used to ridicule over-used business jargon. Use them wisely.

 3. Don’t use – Words like “It is, “That is, “This is, “There is,” and other short forms of common words that are used every day in real conversations.

They’re used for emphasis and to speed up the conversation. They’re much more effective than the word “that,” which is longer and less emphatic.

4. Keep It Simple – The more complex your message makes, the more people will resist it. Keep it simple and to the point. People are busy and tune you out just to avoid reading meaningless words.

stop5. Avoid the Word “I” – The word “I” should be used as little as possible. It’s the most defensive word in the English language. Whenever you can, use “you” instead of “I.”

For example, say, “You can get this information on our website.” It takes a lot more words, but it will build rapport instead of putting the other person on the defensive.

6. Avoid the Word “But” – The word “but” is one of the most negative words in English. It conveys statements that are opposite of each other.

For example, “I like your product, but it doesn’t work.” Instead of saying, “I like your product, but it doesn’t work,” say, “I don’t like your product.


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