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Hello, and welcome to can I be a writer.

I can honestly say that I have been looking forward to working full-time online for a long time – probably as long as the internet has been around. I knew I needed to get to this point for a thousand different reasons, mainly because I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

As the one with the more flexible schedule for the last few years, I was the one who kept this ship sailing daily. Now, that is not to say the boat was moving in the right direction. It was just staying afloat.

I have always talked daily about online marketing. Still, I typically threw out a few ideas and asked others for input on priorities. Wealthy Affiliate is a natural leader and can see the big picture more clearly than I can. 

I got stuck in the weeds over minor details. and always looked to her to put me back on course. It’s the perfect partnership. So what could be difficult about us working together?

It turns out I’m not used to working with other people. Having left the regular 9 to 5, I have only had myself to answer to. And like my friend, I’m my own harshest critic.

I figured this dynamic duo would step together in sync and start making a difference. 

I failed to recognize I had a lot of work to do because of the two different work environments, schedules, and styles. 

I learned to communicate directly and honestly, while I eventually get the point across once I’ve explained the rationale to my way of thinking. People like to make decisions quickly. 

I like the processes. I need time to think through the following steps. Some people are often bored to tears. I needed a path to follow.

Again, it’s not like any of this was news to me. I always thought we were the perfect business partners because we are so different yet complimentary. 

I didn’t realize that I still had to learn how to communicate with other people to hear what I said. 

I was fortunate to have one of my friends recommend looking at the Wealthy Affiliate. And then read each other’s assertions. I found this team report particularly eye-opening:

Things to do to communicate with effectively:

1. Get to the point quickly, and don’t ramble.

2. Be efficient: Hit the major points first.

Wow! I am guilty of both those things. I was so annoyed by my delivery that I struggled even to hear the content of what I was saying. 

It is honorable to maintain directness; I need to understand my audience and adapt accordingly. 

Communicating is a great idea, but knowing how to do it is another item. But now that I know, I just eliminated an entire layer of nonsense that was getting in the way of my writing. And that is no small feat! 

I am here to help you with any questions, or if you need a better understanding of the training presented here, do let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself as we will be working together in the future.

And if you have any questions in the future, let me know. It is fantastic to have you as part of the community!