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How to Create Content for How People Really Search

How to Create Content for How People Really Search

Are you tired of guessing what content will resonate with your audience? This blog post will explore creating the right content for people searching, shopping, and buying online. You’ll learn about user intent, keyword research, and creating buyer personas. By the end of this post, you’ll have a framework for creating content your target customers are looking for.

What is User Intent?

User intent is simply what someone is trying to accomplish with their search. Let’s break this search volumes of booksdown into two segments of the plan:

Informational: Someone wants information about a topic.

Transactional: Someone wants to buy something or take some action.

There are two ways to look at how to identify user intent. Let’s take a quick look at both methods and what they would look like. The “What-Would-I-Do?” Approach

a person thinkingMy preferred method for determining user intent is the “what-would-I-do?” approach. The simplest way to explain this method is to describe a user story. Imagine that your web application sends an email notifying you that your login credentials have expired and that you can’t remember your password. What would you do?

For example, when users search for “buy a leather couch,” they are trying to buy it. However, the exact search could be done for “how to buy a leather couch.” In this case, the user is trying to learn how to purchase a leather couch.

To create content that will help you achieve your marketing goals, you need to know what those goals are. Do you want to sell a product, drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, or something else? Once you know your plan, you can create content aligned with the user’s intent.


How do you attract people who are searching?

attractive womanThe first step is finding the right keywords. Keywords are the ones people use when searching. You can use this keyword research guide to dive deeper into finding keywords. I have already made my points above. You don’t have to be a bookkeeper to run a business, you don’t have to be a marketer to launch a product, and you don’t have to be a salesperson to sell a product. All of those things are easy to learn.

Online marketing is easy. 

The biggest challenge is building traffic and generating leads. That takes effort. Jaxxy Keyword Planner is an excellent way to start. You’ll see some with high volume and low competition when you search for keywords.

These keywords are a perfect choice for your website because people are searching for them, and it’ll be easier for you to rank for them. Next, look for keywords with low volume and high competition. These keywords are a bit more challenging to rank for, but they can still be valuable.

The first thing you have to do is post content on your blog consistently – that means daily. All big blogs do this. I know it can be hard to create that much content every day, but it’s something you’ll have to figure out.

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The second thing you must do is analyze your competition’s blogs. This takes serious work, but you must do it before making your blog an authority site. Some tools can help you do this, like Similar Web, but I suggest you use Jaxxy tools because it’s easier to use and gets the job done just as well. “We all know the problem.How to Create Content for How People Really Search

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