8 Awesome Descriptive Writing Styles

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When your descriptive writing doesn’t feel engaging to you, you know something’s missing. That something is descriptive writing.

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In some cases, writing feels like you’re walking against gale-force winds. It’s dangerous, slick, and dark. While in a rainstorm.

In any event, when the words are there, it very well may be challenging to get your thoughts onto the paper. You may have recorded the events you’re covering and organized the essential parts logically and consistently.



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Plan Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing comprises many different strategies and decisions you make to give your reader an exact, three-dimensional impression of the subject you’re presenting.

It’s part word choice, part metaphorical language, part comparison, and part realizing what to incorporate and what to avoid with regards to your composition to set the perfect state of mind.

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When to Apply Descriptive Writing

Use descriptive writing anyplace your article can benefit from graphic scene-setting. Most kinds of writing can provide a tad of descriptive essays. A few, similar to fiction, verse, and diary, can benefit from it.

Rather than posting every one of the descriptions of writing that can benefit from descriptive words, phrases, and sentences. Here is the list of the varieties of writing where this kind of content isn’t fitting:

Technoscientifically Writing 

Scholastic Writing 

Professional messages (email) and different correspondences 

Descriptive writing is delicious. It inspires the reader’s senses. The ideal tool for communicating something precisely isn’t visible. That is precisely why it’s not fitting for the formal, target kinds of writing recorded previously.

Employ descriptive writing when your goal is for the reader to feel like they’re living from your point of view. The best method to present the euphoric sensation of warmth you felt when you acquired your little pup.

Perhaps to use descriptive writing techniques to cause the reader to feel like they’re the one seeing soft sway her tail and the feeling of her licking your hand, as opposed to just listing her genuine details.

Engaging writing builds compassion in your reader and personalizes your composition.


Descriptive Writing Styles

There are many various ways you can make you’re writing more spellbinding. Here are a couple of the most well-known descriptive composing styles:


A metaphor is a detailed description that compares one thing to another. Investigate these instances of normal tales:

==>> My kid is the best part of me. 

==> He’s the black sheep of our family. 

==> She’s a cyclone that obliterates everything in her way. 

By expressing that one item is another, you’re saying they share specific attributes. You’re not saying they’re unclear or a similar thing. You’re communicating that the reader will experience these distinct characteristics fundamentally in the same way in the two matters.

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A comparison resembles a metaphor. Furthermore, indeed, that was a metaphor.

Actually, like a metaphor, a likeness depicts something by comparing it with something different.

The distinction between the two is that a metaphor uses “like,” “so,” “than,” or “as” to make the comparison.

For instance: 

1). The structure was just about as tall as Mt. Fuji.

2). She drives quicker than a NASCAR racer.

3). They ate like a mob of vultures.

The correlation regularly isn’t exacting with a comparison (simile)—it’s an overstatement that underscores the assertion being made, similar to a metaphor.

If you’re inexperienced with the expression “hyperbole” or overstatement, don’t worry—we’re covering it later in this part.

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Sensory Writing

Sensory writing portrays a scene through your senses.

Study these models: 

At the point when the cool water sprayed my face, the contrast caused me to notice precisely how intensely hot my skin had become. 

Their home consistently possessed an aroma like newly prepared treats; a steady haze of chocolatey, sweet warmth drifted through the house. The whole place smelled like a pastry bakeshop.

The tacky substance appeared to flow over my skin, flooding into my pores and sticking my fingers and toes together. 

As apparent, sensory writing commonly links other descriptive papers, similar to metaphors, similes, and hyperbole. 

Freewriting is an excellent way to direct your sensory and specialty some good targeted sensory writing. 

Open your laptop or notepad and begin writing your idea, feel, or have experienced. 

There are no standards, no limitations—move all that is going on in your mind onto the sheet. Rambling through sensations like how you feel, what you hear, what you see, and what these sensations urge you to do. 

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At the point when you employ an extreme declaration to come to a meaningful conclusion, you’re using “HYPERBOLE.” 

==>Here are a couple of fast models:

==>It was 1,000,000 degrees out yesterday.

==>I haven’t heard that name in 100 years.

==>He was the best mate ever.

You realize it was anything but 1,000,000 degrees. You probably haven’t been alive long enough not to have heard a particular name in the previous century. And without a doubt, my mates are kind and insightful.

In any case, when you make statements like this, you’re not befuddling or misleading your audience—you’re purposefully overstating to communicate precisely how fantastic something was:

It was boiling outside, you haven’t heard that name in quite a while, and your sweetheart was incredibly heartfelt.

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Description Narration

It was a euphoric bouquet. Each bloom had a particular, lively face. Together, they were a glad ensemble of excited companions, prepared to break into a number at any second.

We’re discussing blossoms here, and, as you most likely are aware, blooms don’t have faces, voices, or kinships.

However, notice how giving the flowers in this depiction human characteristics like faces, singers, and relational bonds gives you a good picture of the portrayed bouquet?

It’s not simply an assortment of blossoms; it’s a good gathering of new, healthy, brilliant flowers.




Sound to word imitation





Onomatopoeia is a clear sound for specific words. If you’ve at any point watched the live Batman Network program from the 1960s.

You’ve considered such as “bam!” and “thwap!” move quickly over the screen during the battle scenes, making a comic book-like feel.

That is the thing that onomatopoeia in sound does—it drenches you behind the scenes by giving it a “soundtrack.”

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What is a Descriptive Exposition?

A descriptive exposition is an essay centered around depicting something. That “something” can be anything, like an occasion, a spot, an encounter, an item, or even an individual.

Descriptive expositions aren’t similar to various sorts of articles; however, you may end up employing descriptive writing in different essay types to reinforce your contention. 

In a descriptive exposition, you will probably cause the reader to feel like they’re encountering the subject you’re portraying firsthand. For instance, suppose you’ve been appointed to write an engaging paper about the matter pizza plays in your university’s culture.

Your descriptive exposition may incorporate lines and entries like: 

Delicious feelings came over me when I got that message saying my pizza had arrived. 

My stomach was thundering; it was 2:00 a.m., and I hadn’t had since supper at 6:00. 

The difference with my roommate, whose review abilities and time practice allowed her to go to sleep at 12 p.m., 

I was up whittling away at an exposition that was expected in around eight hours. 

I discreetly scooted back from my desk and out into the hall to meet the driver with thick socks on my feet. 

The pizza was at that point paid for, so I should have taken my hot pie from his nocturnal hands and return to work. 

While strolling back to my room, the garlicky smell radiating from the box lulled me into a state of happiness. 

The feeling instantly disappeared, realizing where my key was: not in my pocket, but rather hanging next to my computer by my desk.

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Compare this with a cause and effect outcome paper on a related theme, rather than attempting to make your reader’s mouth water. Instead, you would create an account of the influence the nearby pizza shop has had on your campus’s culture.

You may start by investigating the food choices before they opened and how the pizza shop grew among students’ providing the delicious food and changed their ordering with take-out.

In the main article, your objective may be to urge the reader. Adding the pizza shop to the summary of neighborhood merchants who acknowledge meal plan credits is a brilliant idea.

In a verifiable paper, you’d express particular concern about the pizza appearance (for example, how it’s an interwoven part of campus life).

What’s more, you’d present that position with factual data. (the more significant part of the pizza shop’s communications are to those areas. Moreover, the shop routinely employs students).

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Additional Writing Radiance

Creating a convincing piece of descriptive writing can be questioned, mainly if a separate paper disagrees with you.

The two keys to becoming an expert at descriptive writing. To read an assorted reparatory of writing varieties and practicing training and planning. 

This doesn’t mean you need to compose a vivid novel or begin putting out sonnets by the page. —you can prepare your different composing muscles by working a little into every one of your future assignments.

Perhaps you add a metaphor to your after-history exposition’s foundation or work a few metaphors into your impending economic aspects presentation.

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  1. Thanks for these helpful tips for adding some more flavor to my writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and while I may not be writing exactly in the way I had thought I would when I was young, it definitely benefits me to get this refresher. Sometimes writing can fall flat, and that’s when you lose your reader. They’ll start skimming through your book or article and then lose interest. When a writer employs what you’ve laid out here, readers will feel drawn in. And that’s important no matter what type of writing you do! Thanks! 

    1. Hello, Nicole, 

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here at Keywords. Good luck, and I wish you all the success in your writing endeavors.



  2. Hi Kevin! Absolutely love the writing tips you’ve given in here. All these would definitely bring your stories to life and paint the picture to your readers. Not only do they spice up your essays, but they also give the readers a clearer idea of what goes on in the story. All the tips in here do more of showing instead of telling. And this is a crucial aspect of writing, be it an essay, a sales copy. It does have a larger impact on the reader, allowing them to read further or engage with your content! Thanks again Kevin! Would definitely share this with my junior friends if they need tips with creative writing! 

    1. Hello, Julian, Happy to be of service to you and your associates.



  3. I really find graphic scene-setting in the texts one reads to be a marvelous resource authors use to enrich us with so many delicious flavors. I am excited to learn this and apply it to my own writings. We would definitely stand out from the crowd if we focus on learning these skills. Thank you very much!

    1. Hello, Ann, Thank you for sharing your insight about the information provided in this article. I personally enjoy finding descriptive words to illuminate the idea I am trying to expand on. 



  4. Hi Kevin, what a delightful way you can paint a picture with words. It spices up your writing and makes a clearer idea of what is going on in your work.I recently read an article about AI. How artificial that seems compared to having your personality embodied in your work. You description of the grammar that we learned in school, brought those years flooding back from my memory!

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