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Learn How To Make More Money With Legitimate Online Marketing Business

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Want to Make Money Online?

Are you looking for a way to build a successful, legitimate marketing business online but have no idea where to start? I’ve been in your shoes, and I know how frustrating it can be out there! Suppose you’re hoping to create a real business with staying power that you can grow as big as your imagination. In that case, you need to know about these three ways to start an online marketing business.

legitimate online marketing business

Suppose you’re hoping to create a legitimate online marketing business with staying power that you can grow as big as your imagination. There’s a problem. There are few industries today that will remain high value as long as it’s going on.

For instance, say today that we entered the furniture business and this was our theme… We’d have to sell 10 million additional pieces of furniture over the next 2+ years. This 7-figure penetration will represent around 20% of the furniture stock in early 2014.

At some point in 2014, this phenomenon will probably emerge as a disruptive force in the furniture space. The industry will then cease to be a growth business and become a declining niche. Either way, I think our 7 figure SERP share in early 2014 will be ACH’d out of existence over the long term.

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The playing field will become one where budget distribution matters, product differentiation does not, and organic high-value SERPS are primarily destined to disappear. Are you prepared to contend with that change? Are you sure that what you are doing will be safe? So, how do you get a business to dominate a SERP?

This article will tell you how to get a business to dominate this particular SERP measure, whether milliseconds of traffic from Google or millions of dollars. I will tell you the tactics that can make a difference if your business is small or medium-sized.

It will take a very different strategy, and I’m going to walk you through how to execute that strategy. We’ll review potential indicators to test for and areas where you might want to change things. We’ll talk about a few of our client’s choices, their tactics to dominate this SERP, and how I think they might build a more substantial business by moving a few places down the funnel.

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Partnerships & Deals

You’ll understand more quickly why I think partnerships and deals are important as we progress through this conversation. Partnerships and sales are so popular because they are easier to execute. They will build far greater value than any amount of traffic you can drive, links you can make, and any amount of hands-on time you can invest.

In the space of $10 million search dollars, partnerships and deals can end up being worth over $100 million, that’s over 3x the next highest-paid ad spend. That’s just one way in which fueled by a deal, a partnership, or a partnership-like relationship can positively impact your search visibility dramatically.

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Why Do I Prefer Online Partnerships & Deals?

You want to make more deals. Today I’d like to offer a list of 12 sites that provide access to millions of real online dollars for buying, selling, and banking!

Then, of course, I’ll be working with the folks on the Help Team, putting together a whole new set of features, even before the start of 2022.

Sites and Sites of Note – 36 million+ Visitors 

Wikipedia – 63m Visits

Craigslist – 12m Visits

Facebook – 12m Visits – 11m Visits

Enoughtalk – 6m Visits

Wikipedia – 5m Visits

Amazon. Co.NZ – 4m Visits

Wikipedia – 3m Visits

WorldBank – 3m Visits

Yahoo! Answers – 3m Visits

Microsoft Answers – 2.7m Visits

Yelp – 1.7m Visits

Ask Jeeves – 1.3m Visits

Wikipedia – 1.2m Visits

Yelp – 1.2m Visits

Yahoo! Deutschland – 1.1m Visits

Wikipedia – 1.08m Visits

Myspace – 1.04m Visits

Wikipedia – 953,602,534 Visits

Skyrocket SEO: An earlier post from the Media blog certainly provides an exciting perspective on SEO growth + the value of any site, from free content to premium membership.

Generic Bait & Switch: Eric Ward hosts some brilliant posts about Tron and the various marvels of the internet.

MSN’s Thunderball – I was impressed with Todd Malicoat’s presentation and recap of the details of the Yahoo! deal.

Chris’.com – Chris, who also blogs over at Cision, is looking for some fresher information & a new home for his site. I’m happy that his SMX presentation and NYTimes article got picked up by several news sites and that he can make a name for himself, at least.

While relying on guest posting and blogging seems like a yes, more and more SEOs are looking into direct marketing for their websites. Listing a page for sale on Google may seem like a yes, but it’s certainly not set in stone. My answer to your query: where do you draw the line?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. I think it’s best to revisit the situation from several angles. I’ve tried to give the formula to determine where to draw the line. Let’s take a closer look.

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Search Engine Friendly vs. Xenu-Style Direct Marketing

Looking at a website with 400-page footer navigation, color-coded links, and a page title like “Sell my house … now.”

It’s not uncommon to have a website where all links will take you nowhere. The problems don’t cease there!

copy Smith

It’s not far from a Xenu-style search engine experience to find a listing for free by clicking on the results. Let’s compare a site that might be hard to find from link keyword research.

I’m making a direct marketing piece attempting to rank for what I call “Housing for Sale” in Indianapolis. It looks like this:


As a rule of thumb, Xenu should always be set to “On.” Typically, I never use better than “on” for a link.

Links that get clicked and links that shouldn’t always be set to “on.” That said, this was the situation I was in, so I wanted to answer what most people might encounter.


positive quote-If you don't get up in the morning with a burning desire to do things-you don't have enough goals! Lou Holtz.


Aside from the links, this page is a good mix of search, footer, and title/description guides. The title plays OK – “Housing for Sale Indianapolis Indianapolis 500 Great condition, Starts at $45,000.”

I’d probably try to rewrite it to be more SEO-friendly if it were empty. Still, it gets the point across that there’s a designated area to sell a property in Indianapolis.


My only concern with this is quality. I prefer my page to rank on a few key sentences and headings where the content matches the intent.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, looking at this page, I can see that it doesn’t have many critical directional headings or sentences.


It’s relatively easy to miss the marked-up sections and was probably created with a template by an author who had this page ready for a client or employer.

There were a few people given this direction. A few links pointed to listings to buy the house.

See all the tools that will help you build your desired business. They are free for you to check out and test each.

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Conclusion of a Legitimate Online Marketing Business

If you have no idea how to start an online marketing business, this article will give you some ideas.

Hopefully, these ideas will give you the inspiration and courage to make it happen!

We would love to know what you think. Would you do us a favor and leave a comment if you have a moment?

It enables us to improve upon everything we do.

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Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you were to buy something after clicking on one of these links, I would get a small commission. 

Thanks for being part of the community!


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