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How Can I Become Better At Writing

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Have you asked yourself how I can become better at writing? The answer is as simple. Writing is a skill that requires practice, and the more I practice, the better I will be. Here are some techniques I know that work and used to practice:

1) read a lot of books and other forms of literature;

2) write about something you’re passionate about; and

3) write about something you’re not familiar with at all.

man with a beard

Growing a skill is like growing a beard: a little bit at a time.

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To be a great writer, you need to write every day. If you don’t have time to write daily, you need to make time. You need to carve out 30 minutes or an hour to write daily.

Not only will this improve your writing skills, but it will also help you connect with other writers. It will lead to relationships. It will help you fire your creative juices.

Not only will this improve your writing skills, but it will also help you connect with other writers. It will lead to relationships. It will help you fire your creative juices.

Set aside time for writing every day

Identify the pros and cons of every significant decision you make. It will give you the autonomous and cognitive vividness to make intelligent investment decisions.

Having clarity of thought will also put you in a position to understand your less-than-ideal decisions (will I do x in y situation?)


Writing is a skill that requires practice.

Review your goals once every three months and make adjustments where necessary. It’s easy to lose sight of important things when working toward a big, vague destination. Focus on your big, vague goals in the most posited actionable way.

Nothing will come quickly. So, schedule some time then to review the goals you set out this month and see where you can make improvements (or where you need to cut corners).

Make a list of ten great articles and ten great videos on Google you can download if you aren’t using the internet. Although your Google Reader won’t let you download themes, you can still access podcasts and videos.

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It is easy to locate articles and videos you haven’t seen or heard. You can search on Buzzfeed, and top posts will take you to the most popular articles. As an investor, tons of articles can help you (Entrepreneur, James Clear). Search for videos and top plays as well.

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When I say writing journal, I mean a journal where you write about your thoughts and ideas as a writer. It can be as simple as a private note you only share with a few friends or as public as a blog on a site like It doesn’t matter how it’s structured or who it’s shared with.

What you write can be whatever you want. Your thoughts, personality, and beliefs are all welcome. But online writing as a free-form creative act can be an excellent outlet for your ideas.

I set attention to words, and I write every day. (Yeah, I know no one can do that. This blog is very sappy. But who didn’t like U2’s “Champagne, Champagne, Champagne?” song?).

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Socialize with Influencers.

Incorporating social scientists into your online writing exercises might sound crazy at first. But in my experience, social influence is a massive component in increasing readership. By interacting with influencers and retweeting their tweets, you’re helping them spread the word.

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When we read online, we spend more time passively scanning content and less time looking for information and entertainment. Influencers are reading content actively.

Their eyes are glued to them because writers have passed on valuable tips. And insider information to them in the form of a blog or on a site like

When an influencer shares your blog post, followers and audience instantly receive new information.

They also see these influencers as role models who share their authentic thoughts based on what they’ve learned over the years. Search Google frequently and improve your content. Find the Google search results below your browser on your web pages and search. It is a way of finding out how many searches for that keyword. Or you can use the tool Jaaxy at the right of this article to do the research work for you.

Check it out. It’s “FREE”!

Be okay with failure, and learn from it instead of letting it get you down.

Failure can be a great teacher, but it’s up to you whether you choose to learn from it or let it get you down.

You can learn a lot about yourself by analyzing why you failed, what you could have done differently, and how you can use the experience to do better next time.


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Let’s be honest: you have tried things in the past. It’s not fun to admit it, but we’re all guilty of failing something.

If you want to become a better writer, challenge yourself to write daily.

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1. Try mini workouts.

With one big problem crashing over you and affecting your attitude, you’re thinking of not being able to hang on for dear life when you face your biggest challenge. And you did hang in there!

Small activities you can do at home regularly can give you new enthusiasm and help you get back on track—tips to help with writer’s block.

2. Try starting with a 10-minute workout.

Or travel down your list and try a 20-minute boot camp class online.

3. Listen to music.

That means listening, preventing yourself from thinking about the current or driving issue(s) – instead, you should concentrate on the music. Plus, a bit of laughter and an occasional scream will cheer you up!

4. Park in a different area.

Sometimes all it takes is finding a group of friends who quickly persuade you to try a fun new activity you have never done before.

Any new ideas? 

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